Finding a Tribe: Why Do You Like Our Story?

The State of Marketing

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors and marketers. He really understands the state of marketing in today’s world. If you aren’t familiar with his work then I highly recommend you check out some of his books.

His basic theory is, marketing is about finding a group or tribe of people that share the same world view, and doing stuff for them. This could be helping them connect or introducing them to something new to talk about.

Building a Movement

I recently listened to a talk he gave about the new dynamics of publishing. It’s a great program and only 40 minutes long. I highly recommend you take a listen even if you are not in the publishing industry. I think these rules apply across industries.

In the speech, he talks about finding a tribe and building a movement. This is so important because it’s not about you the author, film maker, or company. It’s all about the tribe.

I’ve been talking with John about this very idea. The one thing we’re still trying to figure out is who the audience is for our documentary and who’s in the tribe?

Who’s In the Tribe?

I realize this story is about me and my family, but it can be so much more than that. It touches on so many aspects of the human condition and is too important to be just about us. There is so much that people can learn about life and each other from what we have been through.

One could say that the tribe is adoptees or people who have been touched by adoption. It could also be people who care about human rights issues. It could be people who are interested in history or family. It is really hard to narrow down but I know that I must narrow it down. A tribe has to have insiders and outsiders.

Why Do You Like Our Story?

As people who are part of the Fan page or reading this blog I’m wondering why do you like it? What do you get out of our story and how can we help you?

2 thoughts on “Finding a Tribe: Why Do You Like Our Story?

  1. It is about compassion and the universal notion of love. Family is about blood and ties that are not genetic. Love and connection to people is something we all need. Great job you are doing Nelson. You have tribe and you will find your niche soon. All the best, I hope you are well.

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