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Ana Milagro Escobar

Ana was Nelson/Roberto’s and Eva’s mother. She fought and died as a guerrilla in the Salvadoran civil war. Milagro means miracle in english and she is the inspiration for this site and the upcoming book Missing Mila.

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Mama Chila

The mother of Ana and the matriarch of the family Mama Chila passed away in August of 2008. It was due to incredible strength and perseverance that we are here today. She was the driving force to find Nelson/Roberto and unify our two very different families. We will never forget all that she has done for our family.

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The son of Ana Milagro he was separated from the family shortly before his first birthday. He grew up in the Boston area with his adoptive parents and younger bother. He now works to share his family’s story and is making a documentary about life 30 years after the war.

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Eva Coto

Eva is the only daughter of Ana Milagro. She grew up in Central America, living with her grandmother, not knowing the where abouts of her younger brother Nelson/Roberto. Eva peridoically shares her thoughts and experiences on the blog.

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Margaret Ward

Margaret is the adoptive mother of Nelson/Roberto. She and her husband Thomas adopted Nelson in 1983 in Honduras under mysterious circumstances. She has just finished writing a book about the adoption and reuniting with Nelson’s birth family. It is being published and should be out fall 2011.

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Ernesto Coto

Ernesto Coto – Ernesto is Ana’s oldest son. He grew up primarily in Panama helping his father run the family silk screening business. When the family was reunited he was the first to take a trip to the US, where he learned English and became close to Nelson and Derek.

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Derek de Witt

Derek de Witt – The biological son of Margaret and Tom, Derek grew up with Nelson/Roberto in the Boston area. He has also spent a lot of time in Central America learning Spanish and studying sea turtles. He has been a big help as a translator for the family.

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