Return to El Salvador: Photo Essay

This trip to El Salvador was a lot different. I got a chance to look at what my life here might have been like. I got to see the effect of American culture here. I learned more about my father and my mother’s side of the family.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find before I arrived. Now that it’s over, I left feeling more torn. I was reunited with such wonderful people from my family. I feel a little guilty for not returning sooner. If anything has complicated things, I now have another group of amazing people to split my time between.

Something I want to start doing in the new year are more posts with pictures. I love photography and capturing moments that represent the human condition. Why wait until the new year to start. Here is a collection of photos from my trip that I think capture the essence of my trip.

Empty rooms can tell us so much about life in other countries

Getting ready for our cousin’s wedding while watching football(soccer)

Aunt Dalilla and Aunt Vilma

Aunt Tiña. Tiña and her family were the first people we met when we reunited. We met in Boston because they were there visiting. What a small world.

My cousin Cesar and his beautiful family

Cesar’s wife and their son

My cousin’s children playing in the fireplace

The Bride and Groom

Diana and Nicolas

Luis’ little daughter was watching TV and dancing in front of the TV

Monic talks to me. In the background is the table where Mariano and I talked.

Time to go

We stopped by to see my Uncle Sergio. Like most of the Cotos, he didn’t say much.

At my uncle Toño’s house we have a lunch of pupusas

Toño talks with his duaghter in the U.S. over skype

Group picture outside the store

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