A goodbye for Mama Chila – by Eva

There are no words to describe what she means for us. Everyone who knew her understands how special and particular this lady was. It is hard to say goodbye to a person like that, however I have to do it.

Mom: You were the only mother I knew when I was a kid. You were always there for me and loved me unconditionally. You taught me good from bad and how to be a person who cares. You were my strength in every difficult time, and you were there with me to celebrate the blessing to be a mother. You will always live in my heart, but now I know you are with God in a better place.

Thanks for everything you gave me and did for me. Thanks for all the love and thanks for being my angel, everyone’s angel…Goodbye mom.

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About Eva Coto

Eva is the only daughter of Ana Milagro. She grew up in Central America, living with her grandmother, not knowing the where abouts of her younger brother Nelson/Roberto. Eva peridoically shares her thoughts and experiences on the blog.

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