The book has been released

Our anticipation has been running pretty high during September. First, unexpectedly, we received some copies of the paperback cover in the mail. That meant that Missing Mila, Finding Family was actually “in production.”  Then, I noticed last week that my credit card had been charged for the copies I had pre-ordered in July.  Today, Monday, October 3, the UPS truck drove up and unloaded three 40-pound cartons of books in our driveway. Tom and I were there to greet the driver. He wanted to know what he was delivering, and we told him. He seemed interested in the story, too. Tom and I  could hardly wait to open up the cartons and hold the finished book in our hands for the first time. The design department at the press did a wonderful job.

This means the months of waiting are finally over, in fact the book is out nearly a month ahead of schedule.  Now, when you order it through the press,  it  should be filled immediately. That is until the first edition runs out.  So don’t wait any longer!