Approaching the Search Conference Call

This past Tuesday night I was on a conference call with Sidney Gaskins and Kevin Hofmann. The call was about how to approach the search as a parent and as an adoptee. Sidney is a mother of an adopted child and shared how she approaches the subject with her 10 year old son. Kevin is an adoptee who recently started searching for his birth family again. It was a great conversation. I would like to thank Sidney for putting this together and Kevin for sharing his thoughts and feelings.

Here are some of the topics we talked about:

  • Adoptive parent fears
  • Adoptee fears of addressing parents with the desire to search
  • Terminology used
  • Process of addressing biological parents as part of the adoptee
  • Non-threatening ways to address biological parentage with adoptees for adoptive parents

We hope this information will be useful for adoptees and parents who are wondering how to approach this sensitive subject. We would love to hear any feedback people have about this conversation.

Approaching the Search

You can also call in and listen to this interview over the phone:

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Adoption, the Book and More: Our Talk at Wellesley

Our Talk at Wellesley

Last Wednesday my mother and I were at Wellesley College talking to a group of students. We were talking about the adoption story, her book and my experiences meeting my family.

They were a great group of students and we had a fun time talking with them.

Below is a video recording we did of the event. I did remember to press record this time. However, the audio quality is not great. You will have to turn up the volume, but you should be able to hear everything. The video is about an hour long. We talk for the first 45 minutes and answer questions for the remainder.

I have been looking into a mic and will be getting one soon. That should make future recordings much better.

The Video

If you can’t see the video above, click here.


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