About Ernesto Coto

Ernesto is Ana's oldest son. He grew up primarily in Panama helping his father run the family silk screening business. When the family was reunited he was the first to take a trip to the US, where he learned English and became close to Nelson and Derek.

The fight for a cause (Ernesto’s Introduction)

Have u ever fought for a cause? No matter what it be? Maybe to help people maybe or to save animals or something else. Well those peoples who fight for a cause are the secret heroes of the world. These kinds of people are kind a strong. They like to help and want to change the way that the world works for others.

No matter if they will make a difference or not they try and they try. Against all odds no matter what they might risk or lose they keep fallowing those strong feelings. So this is something I wont to forget about my mom Ana Milagro Escobar. She had strong feelings that moved her to pick up arms and fight for others, fight for her cause, fight to try to change her word, and fight to give us a better life. That is one thing that made her such a strong women and that I would never forget about.

I too would like to help others as she did and helping others was indeed her cause. Even though they didn’t change the world, they got a chance to make things better for us, a chance to try and make a better world, and a chance to give us the opportunity they never had. That means a lot to us.

So the cause of this blog to remember that strong woman who change the things for us, who made this miracle become true. I could never forget about all the love she gave us. No matter the situation she stayed true. I’m so proud of this woman, who was my mom.

I love you mom.